Why Team Sponsorship is a ‘Home Run’

Local Team Sponsorship is more important than you think… Here’s Why!

You have probably heard that certain things in life are inevitable. So, whether you are a local business owner just starting out or the founder of a ‘Fortune 500’ company, Eastern Plant Hire is here to tell you that the ‘Sponsorship’ conversation is just around the corner.

We understand that sponsoring an event or a team can be daunting, after all, you have been digging for days to earn a ‘buck’ and now someone is asking for your hard-earned coin… So what do you do? Well here is what we have learned from sponsoring the ‘Doncaster Dragons’ Baseball Club. LIVE GREEN. LOVE GOLD! Sorry… We’re huge fans!

Your Sponsorship can make a real difference!

Those who have been approached to sponsor an event or a local sports team will be well aware of the propaganda that arrives neatly packaged in your inbox after showing the slightest expression of interest…

“Opportunity of a lifetime!”
“Valuable Brand Exposure!”
“Huge Return on Investment!”

These are typical email subject lines that come flooding through once you make it known that you are in the giving kind of mood. While sponsorship does deliver a range of commercial benefits and some of these lines may be true, sponsorship is less about the money and more about the community!

We are so proud to be apart of something bigger through the Doncaster Dragons and know that sponsorship can make a real difference! Whether we are helping provide access to better equipment and facilities or just watching our ‘Dragons’ develop – the difference a little bit of funding can make in the community is heavily understated.

Sponsorship is less about spending $100 today and getting back $200 tomorrow but more about giving time to recognise those that have transformed your community into what it is.

Team Sponsorship isn’t just for the ‘big’ guys…

Perhaps one of the biggest excuses small businesses may use when avoiding sponsorship requests falls on the trusty “I’m just a small business” card. Mate… You are digging yourself a deeper hole (Trust us, we do that for a living). Local team sponsorship is for everyone, and the value it provides is tenfold its monetary worth. Just look at our fellow Doncaster Baseball Club Sponsors. No matter the contribution, when everyone ‘pitches’ in, you can make a huge difference. You don’t need to make a million to give a million! At Eastern Plant Hire, we simply believe you can make an impact at any stage in your career and sponsoring a local sports team is a way to make yours last!

Build lasting community relationships

Building lasting community relationships is potentially the most beneficial aspect of local sponsorship and the biggest reason you should begin your sponsorship journey today! Whether you truly care about your community, or after all, you are here to make a dollar… Genuine community engagement is an invaluable asset in creating a brand for your business and yourself. The relationships we have developed between Eastern Plant Hire and the local Doncaster Dragons Community over the course of our sponsorship, has been a truly ‘eye-opening’ and something that we look forward to continuing into the future! While it’s unlikely that our excavators will be hitting any ‘foul balls’ on the diamond – you can bet we will be behind the mesh showing our full support!

The importance of finding a reputable Plant Hire contractor

Here at Eastern Plant Hire we have one of the most extensive fleets of earthmoving equipment on the east coast. We have grown our earthmoving services as our company has grown to allow us to offer comprehensive services to our clients. Our earthmoving equipment is maintained and serviced at our depots in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but the equipment is often out on jobs all over the east coast.

Our earthmoving equipment hire can come with an experienced and qualified earthmoving operator if you need wet hire, but we can also provide our earthmoving equipment for dry hire if you already have an earthmoving operator. Our earthmoving contractors all have the necessary tickets to operate our earthmoving machinery and are regularly furthering their skills and qualifications.

The Eastern Plant Hire earthmoving equipment fleet covers the needs of large scale projects and backyard jobs. Not only do we have the earthmoving equipment to complete the job but we also have a wide range of heavy haulage trucks that are capable of delivering and removing material from site.

For major operations we have scrapers, dump trucks and dozers available for wet or dry hire. Our scrapers and dump trucks have been used at major road construction sites such as the Toowoomba Second Crossing and our dozers were hired out to the Sydney Metro and South West.

When we receive a contract of road construction our traxcavators, compactors and graders are all brought with us as necessities for the major earthworks projects. They were particularly useful at the Bruce Highway Upgrade where large amounts of material needed to be moved and new highway lanes had to be laid.

Whether it’s a major earthworks project or small residential job our excavator, backhoe, posi-track and skid steer loader are all essentials. These earthmoving equipment come in a range of sizes with a range of attachments, making them the all-rounders of earthmoving equipment.

We’ve built a reputation over the years of being able to consistently deliver high quality earthmoving hire services and high quality earthmoving machines. We are always looking to maintain and build on this reputation, ensuring that we provide a service and price we would be happy with receiving.



If you need earthmoving equipment hire, whether it’s an excavator or a fleet of scrapers, graders and compactors, EPH can help. We provide end to end service to ensure that our earthmoving machines and operators are ready to go when you are.

Why Eastern Plant Hire’s Safe Material Handling is the best

It is important to handle construction materials with safety and care to avoid unnecessary risks, ensure adequate safety, and avoid damaging the environment and breaking environmental laws. Australia maintains strict laws on material transport and disposal to protect our diverse environment and ensure the safety of everyone who lives here.

In light of this, one of our most sought-after services is in fact material handling, where our handling services cover material supply, reuse, and disposal. So, whether you need to rectify erosion issues or rehabilitate disused quarry sites, Eastern Plant Hire can source, import, place and compact clean fill to meet even the most stringent rehabilitation plans.

We offer services for material supply and reuse, material disposal, as well as contaminated soil disposal:

For supply and reuse, EPH has access to the largest volume of ex-market material available for re-use on your project. Following on from this, we can also assist with your material logistics & disposal requirements through an extensive network of over 100 disposal sites throughout Australia. We’ve recognised the ever increasing need to monitor and manage the movement of excavated materials in an environmentally responsible way. Lastly, in compliance with EPA regulations and guidelines, our EPA licensed operators have the right equipment and qualifications to safely clean up and dispose your contaminated soil. With access to numerous licensed landfills, EPH can facilitate the best disposal solution for your contaminated soil.

Our range of superior soil and spoil handling services are available across eastern Australia including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne areas. Our soil and spoil handling services are managed and maintained to industry standards and are frequently assessed to ensure only the absolute best service is provided.

EPH’s trucks and services have been in the spotlight for a number of decades, where they have played an important role in material handling for numerous high-profile projects across the nation. These projects include the $650m South Morang Rail Electrification Project in Victoria (which used over 100 of our trucks on a daily basis), the $188m Nagambie Bypass Project, the $835m Package C component of the Regional Rail Link, and the $156m Dingley Bypass Project, just to name a few.




It doesn’t matter if your project is worth millions of dollars or just a few thousand, we’re ready, geared up, kitted out, fully trained, and all fuelled up for any project that comes our way. To get started, give us a call today on 1300 037 437.

Why Eastern Plant Hire Trucks for Hire are the best

Our extensive service experience in the truck hire market, going all the way back to 1996, has helped us to repeatedly improve our offerings, machine diversity, competitive service quality, and rock-solid reliability for minor and major projects across Australia. With a diverse fleet packed with trucks, semi tippers, quad dogs, and tandems, we’ve got your next project covered.

All of our truck offerings are backed by quality builds, superior maintenance procedures, competitive rates, and reliable customer service. With trucks available as either wet hire (machine plus a dedicated operator) or dry hire (just the machine), we’re confident that you’ll find the right truck and hire rate through us.

Our diverse truck options are perfect for a variety of situations and projects:

Our truck & trailers for hire are the most common configuration when it comes to general material cartage due to their ability to cart higher volumes with reasonable access. With cost effective hire options, they are in wide usage. They are hired in various applications from onsite cartage to bulk haulage, road profiling, rock cartage, asphalt supply, quarry material delivery and more.

Our tough semi-tippers are perfect for bulk haulage and rock cartage, where they can transport grain, soil, ore, rock, sand, gravel and even certain types of waste.

Our trucks with quad dog trailers are ideal for the bulk haulage of materials (primarily quarry materials), thanks to their prominent ability to carry higher payloads.

Our reliable tandem units are ideal for onsite cartage or on projects where access is limited, as their rigid bodies allow for easy manoeuvrability and quick mobility around work sites. They can often be paired with a skid steer, mini excavator or small excavator in a combination of applications to maximise job site efficiencies.

Whether you’re looking for trucks for hire or need solutions for material supply and disposal, long or short term, Eastern Plant Hire can provide a cost-effective solution to ensure your specific project needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Know what you want? Ready to hire some trucks?

Over the years, we’ve garnered a strong reputation across the East Coast for being able to consistently deliver high-quality hire services with high-quality machines. Despite this reputation, we are always working to improve ourselves even further, gain new business relationships, offer more than just good rates and machines, and deliver world-class customer service with above-and-beyond hospitality. Check out our projects page for a look at a few of the major projects that we’ve been involved in over the years.

It doesn’t matter if your project is worth millions of dollars or just a few thousand, we’re ready, geared up, kitted out, fully trained, and all fuelled up for any project that comes our way. To get started, give us a call today on 1300 037 437.

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