Why you should use EPH for all your Clean Fill needs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

What is Clean Fill?

Clean fill is one of the most versatile waste materials thanks to its ability to be reused in so many ways. Clean fill is classed as any type of construction waste that contains waste materials such as cement, gravel, brick sand and dirt. By excluding any types of contaminated or biological waste this ensures that any potential contaminants cannot be transferred to other construction sites.

Clean fill is clean because it does not include waste materials such as cardboard, biological waste, metals, contaminated soil, glass and hazardous products. These products cannot be easily recycled in the same way as clean fill due to the high likelihood of contamination or danger at future sites.

How is Clean Fill recycled?

Clean fill is recycled in a number of ways, depending on the type of clean fill it is. Organic clean fill materials like sand, dirt, topsoil and gravel are used as fill. Often on site there are depressions in the ground that need to be filled to make it level, by using recycled clean fill from either the current site or past sites it reduces the cost of buying fresh fill. This is most common on road constructions when new roads are being built and the ground needs to be flattened.

Organic clean fill can also be used to create an elevation such as a mound or rise when the current construction site cannot supply the fill itself. This is often the case in landscaping and the construction of parks where artificial mounds need to be created or the land needs to be raised to stop seasonal or tidal flooding.

Non-organic clean fill materials such as cement, bricks, concrete and ceramic tiles are recycled by being broken down and reused in the creation of their material. This means the clean fill needs to be removed from the construction site and taken to a recycling plant to be broken down. Because of this it’s important to sort waste onsite into specific piles and bins so they can be processed properly.

Who does Clean Fill disposal?

At Eastern Plant Hire we are experts at clean fill disposal because of our years spent on construction sites. A large portion of our work is dedicated to materials supply and cartage and so we try to provide the most cost effective and efficient method of supply. We offer the service of clean fill removal, both organic and non-organic, as we are able to store and recycle the various materials and reuse them on our future construction projects.

We are able to remove clean fill from construction sites all over the East Coast, whether or not we have had other work on site. Construction sites make a great deal of waste but by being able to recycle what we can we are able to not only cut costs on future projects but reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. If you need clean fill services or any type of material and soil disposal gives us a call and we’ll help you out.

It doesn’t matter if your project is worth millions of dollars or just a few thousand, we’re ready, geared up, kitted out, fully trained, and all fuelled up for any project that comes our way. To get started, give us a call today on 1300 037 437.

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